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Hi and welcome to the new upright trike forum. Upright, meaning three wheeled, human powered vehicles where the rider (or riders) sit more or less upright, astride their machine. Recumbents have long had their own online community. This forum is for those who enjoy a view over the hedge rather than a view up an exhaust pipe. This forum was started by Kevin Younge on the 18th March 2012. It hopefully fulfils a need for those who have questions about upright trikes and triking. Until now they have had nowhere to seek precise information. Browsing for trikes is often a lesson in frustration. As the forum grows it should become a valuable resource for tricyclists everywhere. Feel free to ask your questions or to share your experiences on or about three wheels. Whether you are a competitive type, or just like wandering the lanes and streets at your own pace, there is plenty of room here for all of us. Bring your good humour, politeness and enthusiasm for our unique pastime. BTW: SPAMMERS WILL BE BANNED WITHOUT APPEAL AND YOUR DROPPINGS REMOVED WITHOUT LEAVING A TRACE.
Introduce Yourself
Who are you, what do you ride, any modifications? Don't be shy. We are all tricyclists here.
The Tricycle Association is THE organisation for all upright tricyclists. i.e. Those who sit astride their machines on a saddle. The TA was established in 1928: History, racing, touring, time trialling, distinctive clothing and a busy social calendar all fall under its cheerful umbrella. Membership is still only a modest 10 a year. Which includes a copy of the TA Gazette at quarterly intervals. Always a fascinating read! It contains sales and wanted adverts for trikes as well.
Mind The Verge!
A place to discuss how to become a competent and safe tricyclist completely from scratch. NO previous riding experience required. It's not as easy as it looks, is it? Learning to ride? We've been there. Done that. We can help you overcome your fears!

Forum Closure

Racing: Share your pain!
Trikes Time Trials
Upcoming events, reports and results
Record attempts
Somewhere to keep up with record attempts and results.
Trikes Massed start
Events, reports, results
Trike audax rides
Share your events, plans and reports of your rides.
What it says on the tin.
Rides and meets
Organised, disorganised, fun or memorable rides. Share your non-competitive triking activities.
The trike shed
General discussion on trikes and triking
Trike gallery
Share an image, or three, of your trike. You can upload an image directly to the forum. (Add file just below the composing box) Or host your image(s) online and post the URL(s). Do check Preview before Submitting.
Anything else
What it says on the tin. Anything which doesn't come under any other heading.
1 wheel drive
Tech help with single wheel drive
2 wheel drive
Tech help with two wheel drive
Trikes workshop
Building, design, gears, brakes, wheels, lights, mudguards, carrier, bags, etc. Help is at hand.
Trike clothing: The changing room
Sick of being cold, wet, hot or uncomfortable? Clothing and kit recommendations and advice.
Mobility trikes
A forum for the discussion of trikes and triking for those who would benefit from the stability offered by three wheels. Whether that need be due to ill health or age. Or simply a desire to have somewhere mobile to sit out of doors. Without falling over when you stop pedalling.
Transport trikes
A forum for the discussion of trikes to carry stuff. Local delivery in a car gridlocked world?
Trike Restoration
Anything to do with the restoration of trikes to a better cosmetic or mechanical condition.
Somewhere to discuss earlier tricycles.
Heath Robinson
Room for the truly bizarre and unlikely answer to a pressing need.
For Sale or Wanted
Hopefully there will be little use for this forum. Posting your losses here will reach those most likely to notice and recognise your missing machine. Do not approach a suspected thief! Make a note of the suspect's appearance and CALL THE POLICE! Let's be careful out there!
Complete Trikes
Complete trikes for sale. Thinking of selling on eBay? Post here first with your asking price. You might be lucky and save eBay charges. Know of any unloved trikes seeking a new home? Post the details here.
Trike Conversion axles/sets
Selling one? You have a captive audience. Give as much detail as possible and do, please, state your asking price to avoid disappointment.
Trike related bits and pieces
Got spare trike wheels? Gear hangers. Forks with brake braze-ons? Drum brake shoes? Axle bearing cones? Sell them here. The more information and even a picture the better your chance of finding a customer.
Trikes and anything Trike related. Name your poison.
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