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Trike Restoration
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Abingdon No. 4 axle relplacement bevel gears. HELP.
Grease nipples
Rogers Seatpin Bolt
Chrome plating
Powder coating
1959 Higgins open frame with Sturmey Archer gear.
James Trike Diff.
Nickel Plating
Straightening a bent axle case/ Removing Journal bearings
Rogers conversion axle identification / frame logos
Diff brake for Higgins 1955
I cant help it if I am a polisher.
Wanted 26" beaded edge tyres
Higgins Bike 7664
Valentine Dreams?
Higgins 8920
Do you remember this rusty banana?
Rogers frame back on the road
Airlite hubs
Higgins Badges?
Cantilever brake on a Holdsworth conversion
"Trykus Erectus"!
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