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Hub Geared Higgins on ebay
23" Higgins on Gumtree
Stephens with Abingdon Axle on Gumtree
On Gumtree
49cm Longstaff 2WD
Higgins ultralite tandem ?
Jack Hearne with conversion
Longstaff Tandem Trike on ebay
Raleigh with Parker conversion.
Tilting utility trike on ebay.
Longstaff Trike on ebay
Rough looking Harding on ebay.
Longstaff Mixte on e bay
Ken Rogers on ebay
Ken Rogers back again
23.5" Bob Jackson tricycle
Higgins step through on Gumtree
Early Selbach Trike on Ebay
24" Trevor Jarvis trike
Small Wheel Rogers on E Bay in a bit of a state
FC Parkes Trike on e bay
Lovely Quadrant Trike on E Bay
Tandem Trike on ebay
'Kenny' Rogers on ebay
Longstaff OWD 59 CM on E Bay
Rogers Unisex
Early Higgins on E bay
Open frame Longstaff (another)
Holdsworth Conversion on Bike
Longstaff Trike on ebay
V.I.P. Trike?
Rogers trike on Ebay
Ken Rogers 22" Frame OWD
Open Frame Longstaff
Ken Rogers on E Bay
34 Higgins!?
Ken James Tandem Trike on Ebay
Unidentified loop frame restoration project on e bay
23" Longstaff on E bay
Vintage? ladys trike+bicycle on Gumtree
Parker Conversion on CTC website
Another Large Wheeled Pashley step thru on E Bay
23" TWD Longstaff in E Bay
21" Longstaff on ebay
Pashley Mixte 531 and 700 c wheels on Pre Loved
Tierney Lowpro
Higgins 'A13'
Higgins Trike ebay
Raleigh with Trykit conversion - not on your Nelly
Rather Nice Longstaff on ebay
Ken Rogers on ebay
Chris Paulson on eBay
Harding Trike on eBay
Higgins on ebay
Rogers on ebay
Longstaff on Gumtree
Longstaff Trike on ebay
Holdsworth / Higgins vintage tricycle conversion
Holdsworth Tricycle on Ebay
Trykit/Rogers on E bay
Vintage Tandem with Conversion
700c Pashley Premier Tricycle on Ebay
Bob Jackson mixte frame on Ebay
Flying Elephant
George Longstaff 23 Tricycle
"Vintage Chater Lea" Trike on ebay
What's this one then?
Freddie Grubb Trike for Auction 5 March in Wiltshire
Mid-80's 47cm Acycles Joachim Racing Trike - $725 (Ausland)
Another small wheeled Rogers onEbay
Raleigh Twenty trike
Small Wheeled Ken Rogers on ebay
Small Bob Jackson Trike on ebay
Higgins in Gaz size
Yet Another Tandem Trike on ebay
Higgins for sale
Interesting Bob Jackson Mixte on Gumtree
1900 Ladies Trike on E Bay
Is this for real?
W F Holdsworth
Nicely Presented Harding on E Bay
Sparkbrook on E bay
Coventry Eagle with Longstaff Axle
Ken Rogers on Ebay
Jack Taylor Tandem Trike on E Bay
Vintage trike on ebay
Bob Jackson - in the USA
Jack Taylor Tandem Trike.
Loud 1962 Higgins on ebay.
21" Longstaff on eBay
Di Blasi folder
Lonstaff step through on CTC forum
Longstaff Tandem Trike
New one
Johnny Berry Trike on ebay
eBay 1935 Grubb. Very nice.
Longstaff Trike on Ebay
American based Jackson (Ricmond VA)
Baron Tandem Trike
Higgins Trike on Ebay
Rogers 20" "ladies" on eBay
1950's Higgins
2 trikes for sale.
HE Ferris c1952 23in
Older Trike on ebay
Ken Rogers on ebay
Now removed
Newton Trike Conversion.
Barn Find on The Bay
Rogers small wheel unisex
Two Trikes and a Tandem Trike
Ken Rogers with fairly unusual use of bar end shifters.
Step Through Trike
23" Trykit modified --- cheap
Photos tell me nothing!
Higgins Sturmey 3 Step Through on E Bay
Kendrick on ebay - at a price!
ken Rogers on CTC Website
Ken Rogers on ebay
Full Suspension trike on E bay
Vintage Cargo Trike
What make?
Longstaff Cyclon on ebay
1955 Higgins Ultralite
Ere's funny thing!
Another Ken Rogers on ebay
Big Longstaff on ebay.
Holdsworth trike
Longstaff on CTC forum
Interesting Tandem Trike on ebay
Rogers on ebay
Ken Rogers trike on ebay
Home brew tadpole
What axle?
Various on Gumtree
Small Bob Jackson on ebay
Record price?
Gumtree bargain.
Ken Rogers on ebay
Another Bob Jackson on eBay
Ebay Trader with two trikes for sale
Bob Jackson Trike on ebay
Higgins 8743, journal bearings? in York 275
Higgins trike on ebay
Trike(s) for sale
This can't be a Pashley, can it?
Tandem trike on ebay
Rogers in Essex
Old Rudge Whitworth
Gender confused Rogers Trike
Mixte 531 Pashley on E bay 26" wheels
Holdsworth Conversion on Claud Butler
Ladies frame Rogers on ebay
Swallow racing tricycle
Longstaff Tandem Trike on ebay
Vintage New Hudson carrier trike
Yet Another Tandem Trike on ebay
Couple of Rogers small-wheelers on ebay
James Trike ebay
Another Tandem Trike on ebay
Step through Bob Jackson on Pre Loved
Bob Jackson Tandem Trike on ebay
Higgins Trike ebay for 60 buy it now!!!!
Bob Jackson Trike in 'Murica
eBay Rogers, bit pricey
Newton Trike for Sale
Higgins Trike ebay
2 old timers
New Longstaff
Higgins for sale
Pashley Tandem Tricycle on Ebay
1930s James Trike
Tandem Trike on E bay
Newton Style Small Wheel Machine E Bay Item 322014128052
George Fitt Mixte 50's machine on e bay
Newton Tandem Trike on CTC Forum.
A60 Higgins
Longstaff Tandem Trike on ebay
Roberts TT ***Sold***
Higgins 8958 For Sale
Johnny Berry or Higgins.
Holdsworth conversion on Raleigh Frame on e bay
Bob Jackson Mixte on E Bay
Bob Jackson on ebay
Bit expensive to start with?
After a long wait...............A real trike.
Neat small wheel Rogers - EBay
Fitt Mixte and a "Flying Ace" on E bay
Higgins for Sale.
Bargain of the year[on 5th January].
Swallow Mixte on Gumtree
Has this been on before?
Too late to go in Santa's sack.
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