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Trike related bits and pieces
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40 hole small flange Higgins parallel hex hub wanted
Vintage Rims
A pair of Abingdon Axles
Modern German tricycle diff on ebay
Abingdon Axle
Holdsworth Conversion - 'Rough'
Ken Rogers Seat Clamp Bolt
Trp caliper brakes for sale on the Ctc forum
New 40 hole 26" rims
tricycle carrier
Vintage hub for sale
What looks to be a modified Rogers/Higgins axle
Pair Of Higgins/Rogers Wheels on ebay
odd tyres
40 hole 'sprints'
32 hole higgins/rogers fitting Longstaff Hubs on mavic rims
New 7/8 Speed Bar End Changers on CTC
27" Weinmann Dimple 40 hole rims and others
36 hole Trykit hubs on Mavic MA3 rims ***SOLD***
more hubs
Higgins Head Badge
TA Medals up for Auction.
36 hole hubs on e bay
Pair Weinman Concave 40 hole 700 c rims on e bay
Hub Puller
Shoes for toe clips and straps
Bargain of the Week
Maillard sprockets on CTC forum
Shimano 600 bar end changers on fleabay
1970's TA cloth Badge on E Bay
Trykit Hubs
Trykit Hubs
Disc hubs?
What are these.
26" longstaff wheels
good pair of forks on e bay
Worth a read?
Vintage hub brake and wheel
Possible Trike Fork on Ebay
Brand new Trykit hubs
Brand new Trykit Rear hubs
Ladies Open Trike frame with 2WD
Last Mortal remains of a Harding Trike on e bay
Higgins/Rogers two wheel drive axles
Brand new Froggslegs Cantilevers
New 531 Forks with Brake on Posts on e bay
Large Ken Rogers Frame on ebay
27" front wheel with Sturmey alloy hub brake.
Trikit rack on eBay
Higgins headbadge and wheels on e bay
20 1/2 George Longstaff Frame
Axle parts
Higgins Headbadge on E bay
Small Trike Frame on Ebay
Trike Diff.
Trike mudguards on e bay
Rogers? trike frame on ebay
Pair steel Old Style large flange 40 hole hubs
NOW TAKEN Pair 26" 40 hole Connoloy rims
New/Old Stock Peugeot Tandem Forks For Sale
How long have Longstaff been in Production?
Who is this?
Big Rogers frame only, tucked away on ebay
Higgins headbadge on Ebay.
Ebay one Higgins R Wheel and R Hub
Helping Hands.
Starley Axle
Jack Taylor on ebay ******** now sold *******
Freewheel mounts, mech hangers, longstaff owd axles
Sachs freewheels
Alf Jones Frame and Forks on ebay
Zipp tubular carbon wheels on eBay. Longstaff fitting.
Swap - bar end levers
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