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Trikes Time Trials
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Midland Region 50 Tricycle Trophy Event @ A50/ 6
Men’s Tricycle Competition Records set ….
Time trials other than TA
TA Bruce Kingsford Weekend
Circuit of the Dales
Thames Valley 15 mile TT.
South Western Region 25 - 26th Feb - Results
first (proper) TT the year
CTT discrimination
3 up records
'Funny' trikes
Happy Holland's Tandem & Trike Weekend 8/9 Oct
Jack Riley 25 and North Eastern Region AGM
Thames Valley 10
Seacroft 2up and 3up 10 mile
TA NW 25 Sat July 2nd
Midland 50
CTT Forum denigration of trike racing on DC's
food for thought?
TA (SE) 10
Mike Dixie 10 Result sheet
Mike Dixie 10 start sheet
TA Bruce Kingsford '50' May 29
TA East 25m 30/04/2016
Mike Dixie Memorial 10 (Old School)
Goostry TT - Who's going?
NW 10 at Goostry 26/3/16
Thames Valley 29
CTT Changes?
Noad 10 start sheet 2015
Spelling 25 start sheet 2015
Wheels for a Woman: Mersey Roads 24hr
Fowlmead 2015
Newbury 12 hour
Bruce Kingsford '50'
TA NW 10
Thames Valley 36 mile TT
Warrington RC Johnny Helms 2 - up
TA events this weekend.
100 Miles Tricycle Competition Record
ESCA 24hr
The B100/6 Course
A field 100
The Bruce Kingsford '50'
the Mike Dixie
Trike comp records
Dead heat.
TA(NW) 10, 29th March 2014
TA NW 10 March 29th
East 25, 30th March
Got to start the 2014 season somewhere.....
Isle of Man Revisited?
Here we go
Warrington RC Johnny Helms
Start sheets and Results
TA East 25 6 Oct
National 10 and 25
Happy and the KCA 12
Diss CC 'Wacky Races'
National 12 Hour
12 Hour trike competition record broken in Norfolk
Competition Record beating ride at 25 Miles
Mersey Roads 24
Tandem Trike Competition Record
He,s flying again !
Mayday Weekend 2013 in Lincoln
North Norfolk 100
Tricycle Challenge RELAY RACE
TA (East) 25 - 24th March
Hillclimb - Hillclimb - Hillclimb (in August)
Lea Valley 25 on E1/25b 10 March
Time Trial League 2013
2013 International Challenge
CC Breckland New Years Day 10
New 30 record?
Ladies Tandem Trike 30 mile Competition Record
25 mile Comp Record.
TA (East) event on E1/25b
Tricycle Association Eastern Region 50 - 16th September
Solo Trike 10 comp record
Mersey roads 24h comp record
Tricycle trophy
TA East 12hr
The Spelling weekend
so who's do what
EDCA 100
TA (SE) event on Q50/11
Carl n clair
Nat trike 100
The Fat Boy
Anfield "100"
Tricycle Association 'National Tricycle League' Competition
Golden Oldies!
26tMike Dixie Memorial TA North East 10 Results from May 7th
Kings Lynn CC Club 10 May 2nd
Bruce Kingsford TA National Championship‘50’
May5th-7th 2011
TA (South East) 25
B100/9 TA East 100
TA Eastern Region 'Eric Madgett Memorial' 25 - 25th March
Kings Lynn CC Club 10 Good Friday
2012 World Tricycle Championships in Belgium
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